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 Business Growth Services.


Our strategy consulting practice focuses on advising our clients on high-level business decisions that impact the overall business. We help clients understand the context and model future outcomes of transformational, strategic decisions that will impact their business. We also support our clients to execute those decisions in ways allowing them to obtain the best possible outcomes by developing step-by-step implementation plans. 


We offer high-grade negotiation support as a unique service to our clients, which includes rigorous preparation assistance for the international negotiation process as well as extensive support during the entire process, both openly in a representative capacity and behind the scenes at the back office, until the desired outcome is achieved.


Capacity-building training and development courses contribute toward professional development and give immediate and lasting value to our Clients. Unique training programs, developed in collaboration with professionals from the world's leading universities, such as Oxford of Sorbonne, hone hard and soft skills and core competencies within the teams that undergo our training. Our coaches are highly skilled professionals and leaders with immense experience and success in their respective fields. Our training capabilities include leadership development, business communication, trust-building, crisis communication and negotiation. These pieces of training will teach valuable insights, proven to work in a “real world” environment. Each aims to improve participants’ performance by increasing practical leadership skills, which will enable them to be ready to meet the complex challenges of today’s economy and business world. All training are customer-tailored and organised online and offline.


We help implement a compliance service in organisations, including Anti-Bribery & Corruption processes; we also support you in compliance functions in banks and government agencies, including AML, KYC, and sanctions. We assist organisations of all sizes and operational makeup in implementing regulatory compliance obligations. Our specialists know the best practices for implanting compliance requirements, developing Reliability Compliance Programs, and performing compliance audits of regulatory requirements for a diverse body of clients. We use only and only effective & globally recognised methods to achieve practical and sustainable implementation of regulatory requirements.


We help develop and apply appropriate strategies for environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We work with organisations at any stage of the sustainability journey without judgment, helping transform their businesses to impact people, the planet, and profit positively. Our consultancy was established to bring world-class sustainable business practice to global supply chains. We are here for an improved public image that will help attract investors, customers, and employees, providing transparency throughout businesses’ supply chain, cost-effective compliance with national and international standards, the potential for higher margins and more significant market share, and higher levels of business resilience, etc. 


We offer global outstaffing services tailored to the needs of our clients from IT to Energy sectors, thereby significantly reducing our Clients' operating costs for setting up or running local offices before sufficient turnover is achieved on the market to justify such costs. Out outstaffing service goes hand in hand with executive & project personnel search services. We can offer time-based staffing for specialised IT personnel as well as full-time personnel working on Clients' assignments & projects on our premises.

Our Consultancy Leaders

Independent senior partners run our consulting division, each managing their side of the business and team. Newliks Global Partners solely focus on consultancy services within their core and cross-competence and are not involved in other business divisions.

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